Friends and Cups of Coffee

I downloaded a free WordPress app for iTouch with the intention of randomly writing my thoughts wherever I am only to realize that I never really liked typing via iPod (reason why I did not get an iPhone!). Errr… I can’t even send a proper SMS there!

But let me give it a shot. At least for this one. Been really wanting to pin this down my blog but I don’t want to sound bitter, even rude so maybe my iTouch-typing limitation can intercede with my prior thought.

Over the past weeks and on separate occasions, I’ve shared dinner time and cups of coffee with some really good friends. My heart leaps each time I am with them. Simply thankful that I have girlfriends to chat with.

But at one point, I thought I lost my grip to some of these girls. Those down times when not all of them seem to really care at all! In my silly upfront thoughts, these friends can just disappear and pop whenever they like! How cruel.

But hey, I love each one and I really can’t turn my back (and yes, I tried). Come on, it is not easy to drop the years of togetherness versus the absence that followed moving forward, right? So instead of feeling bad that they were offline for quite a while, I’d rather embrace the quick moment shared over a mug of latte, or a bowl of la Paz bachoy, or a plate of sisig; cherish the spark that never fades over time; and give the assurance that I’m here when they want me around.

Realities abound–no more everydays like when we were classmates; we have our own families to prioritize now; accept the physical distance but maintain to keep the emotional bond.

Have you felt her drifting away?

Work it out, it’s always worth a try with a proven, sincere friend.

3 thoughts on “Friends and Cups of Coffee

  1. Ma’am Vern! I really love this article of yours. Those cups of coffee we had during my down times really helped me. Thank you for being there. Appreciate it a lot! 😀

  2. Very true!

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