Earnings from Work

Now that fate just added another year in my life, I found a particular fondness reminiscing how my career has allowed me to meet many wonderful people and how MY JOBS taught me to “earn” many things in life. (Mind you, none of which is monetary—that could be the prize of my adventure!)

I’ve been in the advertising industry for ten years; in-house or freelance, agency or production perspective. I also worked part-time in the academe for about four years. I had a short stint in an animation studio. On different occasions as an event organizer, and marketing officer too. A virtual assistant,  writer, and consultant. Working in the office, home-based, or not going home at all (only during those single years). And perhaps many other positions “durings” and “in-betweens”.

I don’t stay in one place because there is always somewhere else to go. Newer and more exciting things to do. I don’t feel comfortable in such dimension as comfort zone.

But as I grow older, I can’t continue jumping and finding my happiness from one work to another.  I like to be still too, settle down with one company for years and stay happy. Really. My search continues and I am still optimistic that I will get there.

So far, I’ve unearthed basic survival kit along with my journey and here are some realities for you to think about.

  • There is no better job, only better mindset.
  • Each company has their own monsters and each monster manifests the same appearance on the inside. So if you can’t handle one, you can never handle them anywhere else.
  • Even in the smallest organization, there is a huge emerging politics.
  • You can’t run away from the Zombies, or those working dead—eating their own brains in the cubicle, so better equip yourself with ammunition at all cost just not to be like them.
  • Invest in your own growth because no one else will make you grow.
  • Keep a friend or two on every accomplished project (or company you’ve worked with). In the long run, these people make the path worthwhile.
  • Be brave enough to learn when to quit. But when you quit, be sure there is another job waiting for you.

The hunt is still on, good luck to those still searching!


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