Free iPad Apps for Toddlers (TV Characters/Network-Based)

The other day, my friend asked if I have new free app discovery for toddlers and it was just then I realized it has been a while since I wrote about it. My son found a new fascination with YouTube and has been loyal with CARS movie apps so I skip scouting for useful freebies for a  while.

Free Ipad App for kids - TV Characters

But wait,  I actually have a lot of new applications that might interest your child! (First-two are kiddie networks via Skycable channels 126 and 140, respectively)

  • CBeeBies on the Go –  Brightly colored design full of activities with my boy’s  favorite CBeebies characters (TeleTubbies, Mister Maker, Nina and the Neurons)
  • Baby TV Mobile – Watching the free episodes is engaging for the kids especially while family is bored on a Sunday afternoon. My son loves singing his 1 to 10 with Charlie and the Numbers.
  • Mickey Mouse – Entire episode of Mickey Mouse Club House  (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto even Pete and Clarabelle)  with the gang’s intro song, mousekatool and hotdog dance just made interactive.
  • Jake and Neverland Pirate – Pirate themed classes including Sailing, Pirate Band, Map & Spyglass, and Pixie Dust. One of the features is a sure hit –morphing the kid’s face into a pirate’s body.
  • Thomas and Friends – Come-alive puzzles, creativity-boosting coloring pages, and brain-building matching games.
  • Talking Pororo the Little Penguin – Pororo creates interaction with the kids by repeating every word they say in his familiar voice. It is a guaranteed fun but alert to the parents, every other activity Pororo does require a “fish” (phone calls, go potty, take a shower, etc.) that cost range from $0.99 to the unlimited supply $9.99.
  • Chiro’s Home Free – The kids get to meet Chiro and his siblings Chiyo and Chiko as they play hide-and-seek, learn how to read clock, explore word games, create music together. I even hear my son giggling as he chases and pokes Chiro around.
  • Tayo Driving Game – As if the TV soundtrack is not enough to stick in your head, Tayo completes his music on the app before the activities start: bus operation, number, shape, and time games.
  • Talking Pocoyo Free – The character imitates voices, reacts to where you press him, plays musical instruments, moves to dance music, and just acts cute.

And there is also Chuggington Roundhouse Romp seen in my prior post More Free iPad Apps for Toddlers.

Happy downloading!


3 thoughts on “Free iPad Apps for Toddlers (TV Characters/Network-Based)

  1. Thanks Roger, hope your little one likes it.

  2. Very nice apps !! Thanks you so much for posting the links of these awesome apps for kids.

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