This Page is My Freedom Nook! What’s Yours?

Terrified of the so many deadlines and revisions scattered on your office desk? Don’t know where to begin and how to accomplish the series of projects listed on your notepad? Tired of going home in ungodly hours? We just can’t snap our finger or weave a magic wand to have all these sorted, right? There is just no specific spell, no instant solution to resolve it but how we see things and how we deal with the given situation matters a lot.

  • Find your freedom nook. Tormented of your work being constantly changed and rejected? Demotivated to rewrite your presentation for the nth time? Sigh, sometimes that’s how things go and I don’t want to elaborate. To ease up the worries, try to create a fun activity where you can be your goofy self with no fear of being graded, judged, or even manipulated. Join an enriching seminar. Go to the gym. Attend a yoga class. Write a blog.

Verna Austria article about liberating yourself from stress - find your freedom nook.

  • Lighten up; it’s okay to laugh at your boo-boos once in a while. You miss sending an email to a colleague? You forgot the meeting at the boardroom set this morning? That’s okay, it happens. So many things to do; your mind is clogged of what appears like an endless task. Laugh. Breathe. But learn from the mistake and attempt not to commit it next time.
  • Reach out to friends who enjoy your company despite your endless rants. You don’t really have to talk about your problems to everyone in the office but it is a big relief to discuss and unload series of burdens to maybe one or two friends who are emphatic and willing listeners.
  • Look forward to do something you love at a random. It does need to be a huge escape, perhaps just petty things you wish to do. Buy a venti frap. Watch a stage play. Munch 2 choco donuts in a row. Line-up for your favorite milk tea. Grab a novel. Whatever you have in mind, find time to do it and it will surely ease up your perspective even for just a bit.

Problems go on and on (and on and on…) but let’s try to be okay, okay?


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