Waiting for the Meeting to Start – What Now?

How long should you wait if the meeting schedule did not start on time? 5, 10, 15 minutes to one hour? Perhaps it depends on the reason, the urgency, the manner you are requested to wait and we will probably never know the real score why it was at all delayed.

So try not to feel so bad about the waiting. It is true that the process itself may deteriorate one’s excitement and enthusiasm about the meeting ahead so better create ways to keep your spirit high!

The point here? Keep ourselves busy! And there are many ways to do that.

  • Read something. Bring a book or magazine or download an e-book.
  • If you don’t like reading, play games with your smart phone. You will not be all-conscious of the clock ticking while you try to feed Omnom in Cut the Rope.
  • Pen and paper never fail. Scribble. Write. Sketch.  Or create a poem or short story you would otherwise not do given another environment.
  • Clear your SMS inbox. This is the time to delete overdue messages on your phone. Hey, it is already October but you still have in your sent folder, the father’s day greeting for your Dad!
  • If you can catch a free wifi in the area, browse the net and go to the company’s website. Learn more about their clients, their organization, and their value statement. This information might be a handy tool later on, who knows?

waiting for the meeting to start - www.WriteNowNa.wordpress.com

Of course, the waiting time should have a reasonable limit and you can’t wait there for forever.  But while at the office lobby of your possible future client, enjoy the wait – this moment could be the preamble to your next career milestone.


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