Well, You have a Bad Day

You did not hit the target for the month. The presentation did not go as smooth as planned.  A client called bursting with a nag of dissatisfaction. Your most trusted staff filed for a resignation. A new business partner backed out from the agreement. Whew. What a day.

Things like these do happen. Perhaps something went wrong and has become out of hand. Admit it, you are probably too occupied with so many other things to see it coming. So, what are you going to do next?

Are you just going to drown in frustration? Spend the entire week feeling dishearten? Skip a meal and stare the wall, appearing helpless?

1. Be in control. Don’t escape the problem or blame anyone because of what happened. Don’t run away and hope not to come back on your desk although it sounds like the easiest way to shun the trouble. This is the best time to be nice and forgiving especially to yourself.

2. Calm down. For an hour or two, try to stay in a cafe, go to the gym, have a message; do something to clear your thoughts of any negativity, and return to work with a positive disposition. This, too, shall pass.

3. Troubleshoot. Face it objectively.  Find the most effective and realistic solution. Enumerate the issues alongside the several ways to solve each one. Before finalizing the bulleted list, it may also help if you can act as if you are the third person, a specialist or a consultant, as you review and dissect the action plan assuming another perspective.

4. Ask help, outsource.  Perhaps the additional full-time employee is not a strategic move and is too expensive during this downtime; so why not bring someone from the outside? There are several outsourcing services available, make use of it.  There are freelance writers, per project book keepers, one-time marketing consultant that you can tap to ease your life. You don’t have to do it all by yourself!

5. Follow the bullets. Once you’ve finalized the solution, make sure that you strictly implement every single item listed. It won’t hurt if you also include in the bullets the words “be consistent!”, “be patient!”, “be optimistic!”.

I am having bad days lately and I’m eager to make it good days again following all of the above. Let’s see…

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