Monday Again?!!

Dear Monday,

I really like to befriend you but we are not just so connected!


None of those Monday-Morning-Inspiration articles ever worked to me. Monday is a drag. Period. I am really trying VERY hard to make it a happy day and at times, I do succeed but it is, to be honest, an all-time struggle.

What I am trying to attempt now, on a Sunday night, is to create a list of “how-to-make-your-Monday-merry” in time for tomorrow’s gloom but I have been staring at my screen, and taking frequent breaks with Tiny Village dinosaurs only to have an empty line-up.

I scrolled through my previous posts and found an article about facing the harsh realities of Monday after long holidays with no divine tips to actually face it. Oh this Monday, indeed.

And then one successful instance includes chanting in my head a Disney spell: Here you leave today And Enter the World Of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. Gee, if only every Monday can be at Disneyland!

Maybe for now, while I can’t think of anything specific, the challenge is formulating an effective and unique gimmick every week to make Mondays more bearable and a bit fun. Plan it on a Sunday night, and look forward to the activity the next day. It does not need to be grand, as long as it boosts your spirit and anticipation.

This is going to be my booster just for tomorrow – I will buy myself a Starbucks venti espresso frappuccino after lunch then I will drop-by at the chapel after work and have random chat with my Savior.

What is going to be your Monday thrill?



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