Happy New Year!

Merry CHRISTmas!

Happy New Year!

No, I will not list down any new year’s resolution or wish as the season seems to demand. I actually have not thought of anything; nothing particular in mind to write or say. Have you ever come to that point, too? Everybody doing something and you just like to be still, not joining the bandwagon?

Geesh, re-reading my first paragraph sounds like I am a bit bitter, does it? Wait,  I have no angst to new year’s resolutions. None at all; not even a bit. I just feel empty about it this time. Dash of trials and failures for me but I am all-thankful for the so many blessings Jesus has provided my family this year. I’m sure yours is blessed too!

Have a great 2013! That’s all I hope to extend to you.


Happy New Year from us 3!



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