Problems? We all have it!

Things can go out of hand even if we try very hard to keep it in control. And we are just suddenly caught unaware wondering what in the world went wrong and why people behave the way they do! But we all know nothing runs smoothly all the time and we just have to be ready with whatever happens.

When things get tough, the first rule is always to confront it face up. Go over the facts and run straight to the solution—this sounds effortless, giving you no reason not to sleep at night. Urrr… But really when I’m in the midst of many problems, which we all have a fair share in the universe, sleeping does not come in a snap and solution does not pop easy.

Just recently, I’ve been once again thrown in a scenario that I have to make a choice and I have to weigh dots and dots of realities to arrive into a conclusion to settle my issues.  My path is a blur lately but it has always been clear how I want to live my life; this is what I always struggle to achieve wherever I go, whatever I do, whoever I’m with.


This Question is like my tachometer.

Fight for your happiness, find it, own it. Don’t settle for anything less. The search may at times be difficult, even costly, but aim and pursue it. There is nothing worth living than being happy in life. It shows in your aura – you radiate, you glow! And good things weave itself in front of you when you’re on the brighter realm.

Each of us probably has our own definition of happiness so go, cast it and let it flow every day!

Photo Note: Taken at Baguio


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