Is it Escape? Or Just Refreshing a Perspective?

It can be difficult to think objectively if you are in the heart of the commotion (either it is a personal drama or career dilemma). And looking at the situation from a distance might be a good aid in clearing varying (even crazy) thoughts. It is not actually an act of escaping but an effort to see the clue of what is probably missing or lacking at the onset that leads to where we are now.

Sometimes all we just need is to completely pause, detached ourselves from the chaos, think of ways to make things work better, redesign a perspective, and rationally decide the next step.


Go or No? Is it still worth sailing?

Get back to the inevitable reality while initiating to live with that decision; going or not is always up to you regardless of how many people are involved. We sure have different versions of that temporary “escape” but make it a worthwhile moment to move forward right after.

Photo Note: Taken at Subic


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