Good Friday

Realities can be frustrating and disappointing, so many drawbacks to make things work better. There are several events happening in my life now that reflects frustrations and disappointments, not that I am being a Grinch on Easter.

Afraid to make mistakes, sluggish to start, feeling hopeless to even continue, in full doubt of what I can possibly finish, clueless of where to go, drain with a heavy heart. We all get to have a down time, right? Mine is now, on a Good Friday.

Yes, I read a lot of articles about optimism, I genuinely attest and write about it. I want the message to consistently stick with me and I want to live by it every single day. Making-your-dream-come-true-no-matter-what type of stories, it has a positive effect on me but for a solemn day as Good Friday, the inspiring message does not seem to make sense.

Is it me writing?! Yes.

This is a few instance when all I need is to have someone who can REALLY listen but it is so hard to find someone who REALLY knows how, more people are so engrossed of themselves than bother what’s going on with others.

Odd, am I always the one emitting a happy aura? Am I the one with a cheerful disposition? Yes, always. Now is just down time. I do love listening more than talking but sometimes I just like to be heard REALLY well, too, even over a nonsense chatter of my crazy issues.

And so on Good Friday night as I was feeling sad, I invited my 3-year old son to go out for a walk, get a fresh air, and have a midnight snack at a nearby McDonald’s as we are staying in a hotel for a short family vacation; hubby has a terrible headache and sleeping.

My son loves to talk, ask, talk again but he has always been sensitive to what I feel. I think he felt I was gloomy then checked on me, “Mama are you happy?”


“Oh, but why?”

“Many reasons Anak (Child).”

“Don’t worry, it will be fine.” He said confidently as he munched a crunchy skin of Mcdo chicken.

“Really?” I inquired as if affirming his conviction.


I stared at him as he eats enthusiastically; how he radiates a carefree, happy soul.

Then he interrupted my gaze, “Mama, why are you looking at me? Are you okay now?”

“A bit.”

“I’m going to kiss you 10 times!”

So he did, pressing his lips to mine for 10 seconds or so.

While still catching our breath, he repeated, “Are you happy?”


Then his eyes sparkled. Mine too. And just like that, my spirit is lifted.

Guess I have a good listener all along. Jesus REALLY listened during my down time and He immediately found a way to keep me up in time for Easter.


Catch your miracle this Easter!

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