Toddlers’ Free iPad Apps (6th Listing)

Continuing the free iPad apps for toddlers series, here are the new batch of applications my son gets himself glued for a few minutes. Yes, only for a few minutes because he is more fascinated with Youtube and it turned out to be his new outlet.

Your mini-critic can probably have a look at these too although unlike my previous posts, most of the latter lineup have advertisements at the bottom screen—developers cannot seem to resist putting it there! Yet, it remains to catch his attention (and is pissed each time he gets to unintentionally click the ad).

seek-and-find-picture-bookToddler’s Seek & Find: My Little Town (In The Morning)

Interactive picture book with animations. He likes the reaction of most images as his finger go through several scenes.


candy countCandy Count – Learn Colors & Numbers

Sorting, counting, comparing amounts, and ordering from least to greatest makes it really cool. Only, kids are just limited to play one type of candy (the gummy bear is paid!) and max number is just 5.


dot to dotAfrica and Farm Dot to Dot

This app keeps him busy connecting the dots and discovering 3 animals—monkey, elephant, giraffe. Of course, the rest of African and other farms animals are paid. Anyway, it is still a good practice for a3-year-old.

itsy bitsy spiderItsy Bitsy Spider – All In one Educational Activity Center and Sing Along

It is supposed to be a sing-a-long app but it charged you just after a few notes so never mind the singing. Good thing he just enjoys the selected coloring, maze, and puzzles games.

abc songThe ABC Song

Spelling activities, memory match, bubble pop are okay with him although nothing really special on the features.



twinkle twinkle little star appTwinkle Twinkle Little Star

Educational activities like peekaboo, directions, counting, and coloring.



friendly shapes appFriendly Shapes

Basic shapes and colors are seen through an interactive adventure.




preschool memory match appPreschool Memory Match and Learn

  • Typical memory matching game, that’s it. My son is at times enthusiastic playing so I still included the app in my lineup.



genius baby appGenius Baby Flash Cards with Memory Game

Most of the flash card photos are not very attractive but the categories are quite interesting to see. Also, some of the pronunciations are just weird especially when it prolongs every word like the way it says “IV Bag” under the Doctor Kit category.  The images at the Halloween Category is quite inappropriate and even scary showing coffins, ghouls, haunted house, ghosts(?!) and the zombie is not cute as the PvZ. The Memory Game is activated at the setting.

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