Steal on A Thursday Morning

I took a few months leave on my blog (quite long that I forgot my WordPress password!); got a new job and tremendous workload has come upon me. Hooray.

How are you?

coffeeing and scribbling = like glancing at heaven

coffeeing + scribbling = glancing heaven

There are many activities that eat my time lately and at some point, I felt lost in the process. Uncertain if I’m on the right track. How delighted could I be now that I’m sipping coffee, on a Thursday morning, and just scribbling. Miss this.

Yes, I still do spend a lot of moments “coffeeing” but I seldom just sit; I always work or think of work, bet you know what I mean.


Once in a while, despite our chaotic schedules, I think it is but fair to steal a time and just let go–align perspectives, and be reminded of where we really want to be.

After this last coffee gulp, I think I’m quite sure what to do next.


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