Still Leaving Guilty

There is another decision I need to make; priorities to weigh. Been working office-based the past years, although work is not as tedious as how it was in advertising realm, but I’m still out of home every day. At times too tired to even play with my son. He had his first field trip last Wednesday and I was not there; other school events that I did not attend; several check-ups with his pediatrician that I did not join. Thanks to the freelance schedule of my hubby for he can arrange his load to accommodate these activities.

A parent would understand the kind of heartache these situations personally trigger, and I especially admire working-moms for coping with such pain. But if you ask them, at least to the working moms I know, given a choice, they will drop their work and just be with their kids.

If you are following this blog, you might probably notice that I did not really get over the agony of leaving my son for work. I attempted with all my heart to be okay and for a moment, survived it quite decently.

But until now, we still have occasional drama-mornings—when I would be teary eyed as I leave and he struggled to stop me from going. The Same scenario back when he was turning 2 years old; now that he just turned 4, I’m still leaving guilty.

Perhaps it can be luck to even be considering this option now that I’m eyeing a more ideal work set-up: seeing my son watch Disney Junior while I’m glued to my desk, beating a client’s deadline. Am I dreaming?

Bet this plan requires a courageous step and expected obstacles are right in front but let me take that leap. Here’s to formally draft my updated mandates:

  • Get a clearer focus on the family
  • Be in control of my time
  • Serve more clients and lead them to benefit from online marketing


Such a delight to be a part of a company’s growth initiated by marketing online and achieve it at the best office space I can imagine: home.


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