Our Own CHRISTmas

How do you make Christmas special? Has the day come to you and by night time, you asked: “this is it?” That’s what we’ve waited for?

Many times when I was little, I got to ask that several times. Seeing the preparation of people purchase and wrap gifts, cook food, travel even a long way for aguinaldo (gifts)  of ninongs/ninangs (god parents).

But at the end of the day, it just feels like a usual day.

The essence of Christmas has been said, uttered, sung, narrated, told, preached, written several times by so many.

There is no need for a grander celebration, countless array of food on the table, or the branded gifts to give–with these, I agree.

Yet the objective is to find our own purpose, our own meaning of the season. Regardless of how many versions have you heard or read, the challenge is to define the experience with the real sense of our personal Christmas.

Whether you are just at home, dining with the entire family, with the people you love or missing those who went ahead, watching a movie, strolling at the mall, praying alone at the church, jamming with old or new-found friends—the spirit lies in our hearts and how we manifest it.

So was it just a day? Or was it a celebration of a more intimate affair with the Celebrant? Up to us.

I will be eternally thankful for this greatest gift:

The Family's Greatest Gift

The Family’s Greatest Gift

Hope yours was a Merry CHRISTmas.

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