Galloping and Winning

Chinese New Year welcomes 2014 with the galloping  Horse!

Although consistent with not having a resolution, I am decided to do some fixing especially Horse is my birth animal sign. Now is a good time to fix some broken tracks in life; fine tuning the path and learning what got derailed over the past year.  Sometimes all it takes is just a clear, honest evaluation of ourselves (and with this I mean not just always THE major changes that can shake the world).

Start with small issues and if properly resolved, may in fact bear a better outcome to whatever we do. We’ve heard so many versions of how to make one’s life a success,  heard testimonials of the triumphs of others over their hardships, but how do you really go through life winning? How do you begin?

If we wait for a grander scenario or a striking leap of fate then it might probably not come, or we have not seen it coming until it passed us by. So maybe start with the very common—like the way we wake up in the morning, the manner we appreciate what we have, or how we perceive our jobs. Yes, that common.

  • Disposition- There is no way that we go to work jumping-for-joy every day and being dependent to such emotion would mean days of less output the moment we feel otherwise, or worse, even zero productivity until we stumble upon the happy mood again. For how long? Perhaps by the time we went beyond the deadline.
  • Online Time Management – Facebook updates are eternal. Red highlights in the notification section will never end, right? So do not attempt to be in-the-know and on the loop at all times; there is nothing much you can do anyway even if you are. What to do then if you are so engrossed using FB? Focused on your task then allot 30 minutes to one hour a day devoting to your social media engagements. Sounds easy but harder if you enjoyed virtual gossiping or social stalking last year.
  • Choice – Get a strong grip of what side you are in, positive or negative? And stick to it. This requires that whatever situation you would land this 2014–a pitch not won or a client closing a business, you remain solid on your chosen side.

Think of the small pressing situations you may have back in 2013, review how it hindered your growth, craft realistic ways to overcome the struggle then witness how it can progress to rapid and worthier improvements for the year of the Horse.



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