Moving Out!

I have to do this! My clients and readers are starting to get confuse about the purpose of my blog.

And I understand.

Is it work? Personal? Or just a venue to chat. Well, it is all of the above as my tag says so, “My Life Happens Here – Work, Personal, and Everything Under the Sun”.

Now that I’m formally challenging myself to work as a full time Online Marketing Consultant then maybe it’s a good initiative to launch my own website displaying an array of digital services the team can provide.

Please check the dry-run page; this is a do-it-yourself site (I had no help from a web developer/designer) exploring Parallels PLESK Panel using their templates. While taking the call to create a site below the amount of Php4,000; not perfect, still under observation, but will aim to work it out for online marketing and SEO purpose.

Here you go:

If you have time, please email your tips and inputs to as I continue to improve the pages slowly but surely. Appreciate it!

Will still keep my WriteNowNa blog; this is like a friend who has been with me for three years—through thick and thin, good and bad, and everything under the sun.  I’m moving my online-related articles to the new website soon but will keep and continue to write my personal posts here.

Thank you for being part of my growth!


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