What is your ‘Grinch in a Hotel’ story?

One of the good family escapes to consider during weekends and holidays is staying in a hotel. Here you get to enjoy the cozy ambiance and the freshness of being in a new environment even for an overnight or just a few days vacation. And having to let go of the worry of not fixing the family’s mess like a wet bathroom floor or a dirty bed-sheet can be priceless!

But at times you will meet Grinch-like hotel guests who are probably absent when their school teachers discussed proper etiquette. And unfortunately, this lack of etiquette is reflective of how their children behave.

Hooray on our Holy Week break, we have rightfully encountered another batch of Hotel-Guest Grinch! I have quoted from my husband’s Facebook post his 5 “important hotel etiquettes you and your children should learn” which he listed immediately after calling the front office to report the behavior of the “others” on the floor.

1. Don’t slam your hotel room doors.

2. No shouting, playing, dribbling balls, knocking doors along the hallway.

3. If you need to curse someone, please curse in English.

4. If you will have your breakfast in the cafe area, wear something decent. When I say decent, NOT your nighties nor pajamas. “Eh di sana nag panty at brief na lang kayo.” (You should have just gone out with your panty and brief.)

Please, make sure that your talking voice is at a minimum. “Dinig namin yung malapit ng ma-reach ng credit card nyo yung limit na chikahan nyo.” (We have already heard that your credit card limit is about to reach the maximum amount because of your loud talks.)

5. When checking in, only one member of the family should go to the registration counter. Not all members together with your yayas (nannies).

Yes, you may add more.

Bottom line: courtesy and discipline.



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