Go with the MORE!

There are daily choices we have to make. As simple as figuring out which shirt to wear—green or blue or something else? What road to take (literally!)—the busy Edsa, the side streets of the crazy Metro Manila, or not go out at all? To bring a car? Ride a train? Get a Cab?

What binds us to arrive at a decision (big or small) should be really where we wish to be; not what others are generally dictating or making our own limited call to opportunities, constricting ourselves within the comfort zone. But maybe going out of this zone could just be that Eureka we’ve been waiting for!


Making a choice is really easy IF it is just between black or white? Up or down? Left or right?   Or if there is a guaranteed seal saying that what you’ve picked is the “A-OK”! Being submerged into tough options can be really tricky, having no assurance if it is the right thing to do.

Just when I was so decided to push my online consultancy work, a full-time job offer came from two companies in a separate time frame. Ironic that I was given such invitation; I did not apply for a full-time post after all.

For a moment there, I got a good evaluation of my work status and where I plan to drive my career path? Shall I go back to being an employee with a permanent earning but with less time for the family or shall I pursue my consultancy work but with no luxury of a secured job and bonuses?

There comes the confusion of how can I be happy and sad at the same time? So what will trigger the decision? It took a while to figure out the next step especially on the first offer; I have to remind myself about priorities and goals.

Go with the more, I say. If given an equal array of selections, probe with that little “more”. There must be something, that tiny add-on over one of the two great things, right? That more can help solve the puzzle—more freedom, more adventure, more happiness. What makes the other option a bit special?

I have decided to explore the path beyond the security of a fixed salary and go with that little more. What’s yours?

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