Real Talk and Phones

writenowna-phones-and-chats copyHave you been excited and looking forward to a meeting? Maybe a coffee chat with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time or a possible business-related meet-up with a colleague only to realize that the person is not with you?

Oh wait, I’m not talking about a date with a ghost or an apparition. I’m pertaining to those people who would rather be checking and playing their phones, drifting somewhere than talk. Now it is not enough that they are with you physically. They can be there in front of you; you can pinch them but not quite with you at all. I can imagine how fun it is to be face to face, eye to eye, heart to heart and having just a real connection with someone—sharing the same thoughts with no drastic interruptions due to technology!

Given the scenario, don’t you sometimes doubt your ability to manage a conversation? Why is he so obsessed, somewhat uninterrupted using his phone? Am I not interesting enough to be with? I find it a bit insulting too. Why not limit the use of phone? When I encounter this type of people, I make sure I don’t waste my time meeting them again. Not that it is rude but there are more important friends waiting for us who respect our time and value our communication.

Maybe once in a while we generally need to have a glimpse of our messages, emails, calls and even open some apps but not linger there! And when we have to pause and check, maybe do it with courtesy, less frequently and hmmm… quickly?

Be with the person 100%. How hard can that be? They have exerted an effort to be with us and worth deserving a real attention, the full of it don’t you think?

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