What’s Annoying to You?


What are the things that bug you? It really does get into your nerve. Irritating. Distracting. Geez. Just a while ago,  I saw a trending topic at twitter #BwisitMoments101 so I randomly made a quick list; can’t think of just one because wherever I go, these 7 pet-peeves continue to haunt me somehow.

  • Treasure those chosen few who know how to really listen, they are off to extinction. (Seriously.)
  • Ignore rude and mean people but their numbers are multiplying in fast beat. (But don’t retaliate! No need to add up to their population.)
  • A lot have forgotten good manners—you haven’t seen each other for years, but they sure won’t ask “how are you” anymore but rather dictates how fat or how pale you are. (Look who’s talking!)
  • Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing! (Even my 4-year-old son knows this, goodness!)
  • The “ohm” and the “ahm” in a conversation still exist. (Imagine how miserable their English teacher would feel hearing these after all these years?)
  • Talking to someone with wandering eyes. (Clearer way of saying they are not interested to you at all!)
  • Group assembly in an escalator! (Find an empty corner and talk there. Duh!)
  • Loud munching or slurping.  (So loud you can hear the chewing sound from a distance!)

Being considerate is all it takes to spare someone from annoyance and an attempt not to be annoying is probably something to consider.


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