The next 12 tasks new Freelance Consultants have to do!

I will not be hired by a home-based company or a virtual firm; for the first time, I’m going to hire myself. I’m scared as you can imagine— no monthly salary, no bonus, no benefits but this motivates me to just pursue it. I can’t be a full-time corporate-employee while I aim to spend more time with my son, witnessing his daily milestones. Prioritize. Take courage. Dive into the abyss.

But don’t get me wrong. This next step is not out of impulse. I thought about this over and over, weigh things out, gauge my skill and resources.  I’m all set and ready to share my online knowledge; it has become my passion other than writing and teaching.

My Home Office - WriteNowNA

My Home Office in Blue Shade

Not just a dream, a temporary outlet; I should make this work.

Now, what to do? A LOT! But these activities can be a good start for us who are exploring the freelance consultancy work:

  1. Send proposals, meet people.
  2. Have a solid plan and stick to it.
  3. Create a realistic timeline and targets.
  4. Explore online jobs (maybe they work).
  5. Be open to trial and error (but don’t linger on the error).
  6. Bank on your strength and not be trapped by eroding confidence.
  7. There will be days that projects look distant and bills come in bulk!
  8. Don’t falter with rejections; there will be a lot of it.
  9. People may belittle you, but at least you have the courage to start something.
  10. Make yourself productive. Attend seminars and short courses, or just read!
  11. To friends doing a start-up, offer your basic service (like a product trial) then request for a testimonial or referral.
  12. Get in touch with your connections and briefly make them aware of what makes you busy nowadays. Their awareness can lead to you being the top-of-mind person when someone asked them for the kind of service you provide.

Don’t let anyone define your meaning of success. Try to have a clear picture of what success means to you and execute the steps to make it happen regardless of what most people are saying. There will be detours, definitely. Long roads ahead.  But if the goal is well-designed and mapped, then getting lost and being out of sync can still lead you back to the path right away.


2 thoughts on “The next 12 tasks new Freelance Consultants have to do!

  1. Gogogo Ms. Verns! 😀 -Ca. 🙂

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