Too Much Work? Then, Pause for a Bit

My schedule has been a chaos lately. No, I’m not complaining! I’ve been really working hard to get new Clients, I’m enjoying the work but it’s just so many! I don’t want to sacrifice the quality of service so I’m really doing my best to address the daily and long-term tasks of each account. This afternoon while I was getting an extra-dose of emails—all urgent, all rush, I felt the pang to pause for a bit. Been so engrossed lately and it just hit me—stop!

writenowna on work and stressThis is a familiar scenario even from long time ago: an outpour of endless to-do’s, the urge to deliver at once, and the frustration of not being a super hero after all.   This is not healthy; it is counter-productive as a matter of fact. So I need to just halt quickly, remind myself that I’m not supposed to be overwhelmed with all these activities. Each of this assignment will be accomplished in proper phase with the right mindset.

It is always easy to get lost in the process, get swamped with all the pending projects and maybe even dwell on the negative. Do your job but with no spark. Drown on the abyss of stress like many others. So yes, stop for a moment. Some might ask, why stop when there are so many things to do?!

Well, I did not say don’t do the work, right?

Move back from the office chair, walk around, talk to people you like, call someone, scribble, have a back massage, buy something outside; just do something not related to work for an hour or less. For me, it’s drafting this particular blog.

Escape from the chaos, breathe, get a better perspective, and return to what must be done.

Without you knowing it, a positive glow comes out of your aura which reflects the actual output of an ongoing venture.

The immense responsibility at hand and the occasional drawbacks are not supposed to eat up the enthusiasm that fires us to excel. Let’s not allow a bunch of pitfall to ruin our real goal.

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