The Love for Blogging

For once, I’m quite amenable with the reason of my absence here. Thankful that online marketing consultancy is taking its peak; it keeps me loaded nowadays and work is piling up! My status as a digital consultant is a one-man show and I just have to go for it.

For the nth time, I haven’t written anything but one of the persistent drivers that makes me go back is the analytics; even for weeks that I’m not online it is always a surprise that site visitors are still coming to read.

I love my readers. I love writing and sharing my thoughts. This love has been there on top of my responsibilities as a Digital Marketer and hasn’t really subsided. What is that something that you have a strong passion to do but just can’t find a solid time to make it happen?

Here’s the catch! If focused with a specific aim, universe seems to work together and contribute to making “it” a reality. I know my limits and I’m certain that I can’t make my page active (yet) as I planned to do but I’ll get there, I’m set to do that.

Just when blogging is out of my daily activities and no pending drafts found on my blog roll, I got a free invite by Ms. Janette Toral to join the Professional Blogging Summit.


It was an afternoon of learning the industry techniques and getting inspiration from prominent bloggers. Going to the Event is a promising sign and it all go together with my personal blogging goal: once time permits, I shall go back actively. But at the moment, just simply delighted for the opportunity to be one of the participants.

WriteNowNa at the Professional Blogging Summit

In partnership with #DPOP, the half-day event successfully gathered professional bloggers as they shared their experiences in offering products/services online. With so many wanting to explore freelance, employment, and business opportunities, blogging is considered as an effective tool in building identity and spreading the word of what each of us can offer.

verna austria at dpop professional blogging summit

Special mention to the event sponsors: A. Venue Mall, Island Rose, SaladBox, and Profriends (Property Company of Friends) for supporting the activity.

One thought on “The Love for Blogging

  1. Thank you Vernadette for joining the summit. 🙂

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