Raising Kids during the Time of Game Apps

Plants vs. Zombies. Angry Birds. Minion Rush. Dumb Ways to Die. Lep’s World. Turbo Fast. Temple Run 2. Cars. Toy Story. Monster University’s Catch Archie. Cut the Rope. Subway Surfers. My Talking Tom. At five, my son becomes a fan of these games reason why I don’t review Toddler apps as much as I used to. It is much harder now to control him using the gadgets so we try to go around these games to teach him tidbits of life’s lessons. As parents, we need to somehow limit yet adapt and continuously discover ways to align with our children’s interests—not being too lenient or too strict with their tech usage.

We made him eat vegetables by emphasizing the strength of the plants at PvZ. Thanks to Bonk Choy my son now eats veggies with zero effort! We just have to imitate the moves and voila, he eats greens! And so does the beans! PvZ's Bonk Choy When he is not being careful with his moves like running too fast or not looking to where he is going, I jokingly sing the song of Dumb Ways to Die.

The title is kinda brutal but the song makes the entire idea really soft and relatable to kids. Now, explaining the importance of taking care of himself and trying not get hurt appears less nagging. Dumb Ways to Die   The Pigs at Angry Birds taught him not to get something without permission or else someone will get extremely angry. Angry Birds' Pig The Minion Rush makes him try things over and over until he reaches his goal while having fun doing it. Minion But it’s still freaky to just leave them playing an iPad so better think of random kiddie activities to make their bodies move and play; to exercise and perspire. Appreciating all these gadgets may just require improving the perspective of the parents and making it work for the benefit of the little ones.


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