Pope Francis Comes to Bless Filipinos

Pope Francis visits

Today Pope Francis will arrive in the Philippines. Being the largest Catholic Country in Asia, no doubt we are all anticipating the Pope’s presence and blessings.

So many stories about his goodness, humility, and kind heart. Many people even reminisce the last time a Holy Father from Vatican visited our Country; I even recall writing my experience about Pope John Paul II.

A lot of preparations including cancellations of school/office work during his entire stay, closing of main roads, and people waiting for long hours as human barricade to ascertain the safe arrival of the Holiness.

And so much excitement about taking a glimpse and hearing the message of the new Pope but above all these festivities, I believe this eagerness of my fellow Filipinos to be with the Pope (even for a quick moment) defines the spiritual clamor –we all want to strengthen our faith despite the chaos of our politics, the daily miserable journey  with our transportation system, and the personal struggles we all have.

Each one prays to be touched by a miracle, and are all hopeful that things will still get better even in the midst of our many local problems. The arrival today of a holy man connects us further (or should I say revive us back) to our faith, to our Savior and our God.

However we plan to witness the Pope, may we all be guided by Jesus and let us continue to aspire to become a better person.

So, where will you be for the coming 5 days?

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