From Manila Down South of the Metro

Growing up in Manila, finishing school at the heart of Intramuros, and then later on moving down South of the Metro is quite an adventure; seeing the difference, appreciating the distinction of living from there to here and now just being around the corners of Parañaque, Las Piñas, Muntinlupa even nearby spots of Cavite, Laguna and Batangas.

Adapting and enjoying the moving process, there is another stage in my blog that I’m very excited to share. I’m reformatting the overall feel/content and shall be writing the fun (and not so fun) life of being a so-called “Southie”.

What drove the reformatting?

1.   It seems my header image is no longer appropriate, my child is not this small anymore! I have to make a change then.


2.   Getting clueless of what topic to post on my next blog, I run through an article while on the plane via Mabuhay, the official in flight magazine of Philippine Airline, saying:


It further sparks the entire idea to reformat.  No doubt about the amazing hotspots in Makati, Taguig, and Quezon City but hey, Parañaque and Alabang areas? That’s about my neighborhood now. More than chilling out, there are so much more we can do here!

3.     Recently, several friends seem to be asking a lot about where is a good place to eat at BF Homes? Where is a less-traffic way of going to Tagaytay? What activities are possible to do at Nuvali? What is in Molito? How to go to Evia? What’s this nice church inside Ayala Alabang? How to go to West Gate? Is there an affordable and nice hotel in Muntinlupa?

My husband and I have been like the go-to persons of people not very familiar at the South and some who are also from here but are not so keen to go out and explore. The catch is, going out and exploring is a part of our family hobby! It inspires me to share the experience.

So from March 2015 onwards, I shall be writing more about what’s in the South that is interesting, worth-traveling, and visiting so readers can get ideas and somewhat appreciate even more what South of the Metro can offer.

Stay in touch and keep reading!

And if there is anything you want me to check for you, just shoot an email for a possible blog topic!


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