Tagaytay via Casile Road and the Marcos Mansion

Weekends and long-weekend holidays mean heavy traffic when in Tagaytay; if you have an option, rather go there anytime on a week day and you are guaranteed to have a more superb time. Restaurants are not full and roads very amiable for a week day trip!

Then again if there’s no chance and you have to embark on a weekend journey, going back and forth may mean longer hours in the car but you can take a no-traffic alternate route via Casile Road, Cabuyao Laguna. Unlike Sta. Rosa and Cavite routes, very few are passing here. It only takes about 20 to 30 minutes from Tagaytay to Nuvali and vice versa.

Just a heads up though—

  • Some parts of the road are bumpy and uneven (but not to the point of wrecking a car)
  • No bright lamp posts or no lamp posts in several areas (so it gets really dark at night)
  • When going South bound, there are a few times that Nuvali guards are strict and won’t let you in unless you leave your license (!) or a village sticker (but this won’t be an issue and no guard will stop you when North bound).

How to get there when in Tagaytay? Instead of turning left to Sta. Rosa from Tagaytay-Calamba Road, you can go straight on the way to Crosswinds and immediately after Highlands you will see a green sign on the left saying “SLEX via Casile Road”—follow it! Expect an amazing rural setting with luscious trees, deep mountain plunge, cold unpolluted wind, and view of the Marcos Mansion. Such a good alternative path!

The Marcos Mansion is a 25-hectare parcel of land in Cabuyao still in the family’s possession; it was among several Marcos rest houses. The property itself was not listed among the initial assets being claimed by the government. (Source: Marcoses regain 25-ha property in Laguna)

We went down to take a closer look of the place and captured some photos. The huge house has lost its grandeur but the remnants of how it was can still be seen. From the grand hallways and epic portraits, one can just use their imagination to have a glimpse of the glory that was.

The Marcos Portraits

The Marcos portraits


Tagaytay via Casile Road and the Marcos Mansion-3

The second-floor walkway


Tagaytay via Casile Road and the Marcos Mansion-2

The veranda


Tagaytay via Casile Road and the Marcos Mansion-6

The welcoming road (up straight is going to Tagaytay)


Tagaytay via Casile Road and the Marcos Mansion-4

The view from a distance

Every minute of your visit to Tagaytay should be fun and there are so many reasons to create wonderful memories from way up to down then elsewhere!

8 thoughts on “Tagaytay via Casile Road and the Marcos Mansion

  1. HI vernadette. If if am coming from sm calamba and hit slex, where will I exit to go to the casile road, up towards tagaytay? Thanks!

    • Hi Karina! I always come from alabang and exiting at silangan. But From sm calamba, you can hit the slex north bound and also exit at silangan. Upon exit, make a left at silangan industrial park then right in ca yulo avenue, then make a right in jose a yulo boulevard go straight, follow the main road until you hit the roundabout. Take the 2nd exit towards canlubang golf and country club. Make a right on casile road, up ahead you will see the old marcos mansion. Follow the road up to tagaytay. It is a fun ride, hope this helps! 😉

  2. Does it have any other way except SLEX? i only use motorcycle.

    • Hi Chad, the Cavite route might be okay but will take long. I’m seeing a number of riders enjoying the Casile path and will check around how they get there if not via SLEX. Thanks! 🙂

  3. I just passed this house! Accidently..we follow the sign from the exit of picnic grove while we’re trying to find way to slex..amazing journey..part of tagaytay that we didn’t know before..

  4. […] Tagaytay via Casile Road and the Marcos Mansion […]

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