Healthier Drink at TeaLife

Tea and milk tea stations are almost everywhere in the city. I have my own moment of fascination with teas but with just a few visits because most stores do not serve a good cup of my true love—coffee!

On occasion, our family enjoys a sip of black or jasmine tea, milk tea, cold chocolate drink. And we found a  place inside BF Homes that serves all these plus more.

TeaLife comes on our list. As their tag says, “it is a place to chillax”—calm down and relax with their highest quality of tea and coffee with ingredients imported from America and Taiwan.


TeaLife is dedicated to give supreme standard in terms of satisfying its customers’ craving for healthier options. It is their priority to serve freshly prepared dishes and committed to source out the finest teas around the world. They offer a 100% guarantee that their teas are made with real fruit puree which means that vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are all packed on every drink. As the Company’s mantra goes, balanced diet paired with an active lifestyle is one of the best combinations to a well-balanced life.

What’s going to be your pick? Healthy selections may also mean delicious and fun. Caramel Coffee Frappe and Strawberry Fruit Tea are my favorites! The Belgian Waffles with Speculoos Cookie Butter is just a perfect match with any of the beverage too.


Oh, maybe a rice meal on the next visit?


TeaLife also has a space for internet computer rental so when connection at home is a struggle, they are ready to rescue so you can beat those deadlines with fast online access accompanied by freshly brewed iced tea or coffee on the side!

They don’t have a branch elsewhere (yet) so this is an exclusive venue to explore along Aguirre St., BF Homes. TeaLife is one of the many fine establishments inside the village that you don’t get to experience anywhere else.

Photo Source: Images via TeaLife Facebook page

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