Fresh Grocery Items at Your Doorstep

Yes, we all aim to eat a healthy-type of food but many reasons, perhaps a couple of excuses, take us out from the practice of eating right.

  • No time to go to the market?
  • Fresh items are way expensive?
  • Organic product is like a rare commodity?

So we resort to fast, easy fix, instant meal. Compromising our health as long as we feed our hungry tummies asap and without a hassle.

But what if there is a store that can address such issues? Organic produce delivered at your doorstep at a reasonable market price? And their main headquarter is just in BF Homes?

12 Laurel St., Teoville East, BF Homes

Nikki Herrea-Bharwani, the owner of Green Grocer, has been a strong advocate of healthy eating and has successfully introduced fresh-produce-delivery to her niche market; having fruits, vegetables and other groceries delivered straight to the customers from the farm is perhaps a new concept to most.

The Green Grocer is Manila’s first home delivery service of organic produce, grass-fed and all natural meats, farm-direct dairy products, premium deli items, and other grocery necessities.


They provide only the freshest harvest at your doorstep straight from the different farms located in Tagaytay, Laguna, Batangas, Benguet, Negros and Bukidnon. The team synchronizes with the harvest schedules and ensure that the produce sent to you is within hours of its harvest. The Green Grocer guarantees that they know where their products come from and vouch for its integrity.

With fresh market delivery at your convenience, you can now cut down trips to the grocery and spend those extra hours with family or that much desired Me time.

The concept of Green Grocer is for real! Giving us no excuse not to eat right from here on.


  • They do not have storage at their base
  • All orders dispatched to your home will be to the highest standard and quality
  • Vegetables come straight from partner farms and are harvested only upon order
  • You benefit from a product that is delivered in its healthiest, freshest form possible
  • All the products offered have been tried and tested and is currently being used at The Green Grocer home.

They have also aided in weekly grocery budgets. How? Let them know how much you normally spend on veggies and other groceries, identify items you want on your list, Nikki and her team will be happy to prepare and deliver it to you every week.

Plan out your produce with the Green Grocer.


What’s on the grocery list this week?

Delivery route and minimum order requirements
(Every Wednesday and Saturday)

  • Paranaque Villages
    ₱800 minimum
  • Alabang Villages
    ₱500 minimum
  • The Fort, Makati Villages
    ₱800 minimum
  • ADB, Corinthian Gardens, Eastwood, Greenhills, Valle Verde, Wack Wack
    ₱1,500 minimum
  • For other areas not stated above
    ₱1,200 minimum

The Green Grocer & Curiosities Home Store
(Every Thursday and Sunday Pick-Up)

  • Main address: 12 Laurel St., Teoville East, BF Homes, Sucat, Parañaque

UPDATE (as of February 2017)


Photo Source: Images via The Green Grocer website & Facebook page.

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