Online Shopping on a Rainy Day

If there is one thing most women cannot completely resist and the urge may even borderline into sin as gluttony, it would be the passion for more bags. A closet full of bags and the complaint is still, “I don’t have a bag to use today”.

Yes, I’m one of those guilty suspects hoarding bags and wanting more. Go out to the malls (and window shop, the least) but the catch is, rainy season and being stuck at home is no longer a reason to stop shopping. Series of typhoons the past days and can’t go out?

Thanks to the many e-commerce boutiques; an actual visit to a physical store of Aldo or Kate Spade is not necessary to purchase a new bag. No need to leave home and drive to Alabang Town Center to check what’s the latest design of Nine West bags (and shoes too!!!).

To be upfront, online shopping is not really my forte and I’ve been quite hesitant with the authenticity of the product being sold on the net but I found a site that sells authentic brands with no doubt to its validity.

It first started selling items on Facebook back in 2012 (for retail and wholesale) and is now expanding with its own online shop. Inspiring, isn’t?


Empress Gorgeous is an online boutique based in the Philippines dealing with varieties of original branded stuff such as handbags, shoes, and accessories. It consistently keeps customers satisfied with trendy and affordable items; each one is guaranteed original and with high level of quality. From their website to their packaging upon product delivery, EGB reflects the passion, commitment, integrity and professionalism of all the people working in the team.

Payment Gateway is also made accessible and you can choose your own preference.


I’m not a fan of manually depositing to banks and then sending a copy of the deposit slip only to find out that the seller did not receive it or rather wait for weeks of delivery because no one can track my order. EGB gave me none of such hassle.

You do a transaction to real people, not chatting to marketers reading template scripts. Maj V. Quitlong owns and operates Empress Gorgeous Boutique and is very hands on to the business process. She reiterates her company’s strong will to offer nothing but original,“We personally, strictly and meticulously selected, compared, sourced our products from direct or their official suppliers only. We have proofs, receipts and documents to show upon valid request and apart from the original serial numbers or codes of each item, we also keep our own SKU code for further assurance and verification of our own stocks.”

Have a peace of mind that what you’ve bought is the real deal and enjoy shopping!

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