…Comes that After-Bday Musing

ID-100260163-1Reaching another year and all but thankful of the many blessings acquired in many forms— building a family, going to places, keeping up with friends, meeting people, getting new jobs, waiting for something, working hard, failing and making things right, getting lost, learning every day, and listening to the rain (just like right now).

Musing. Wondering. Scribbling. Perhaps once in a while, allow me the indulgence to share such casual, one-liner thoughts the past 37 years. No, this is not like an advice about how to live life. Not those kinds of serious must-do articles or an intense realization at 30s. We all have our own values to share and a nagging will to impart our experiences, right?

  1. Be thankful.
  2. If you must, then cry.
  3. Keep your own space.
  4. Laugh. Smile. Naturally.
  5. Maintain your enthusiasm.
  6. Create our own set of standards.
  7. Do something else while waiting.
  8. Appreciate even the small things.
  9. Pursue your dream or no one will.
  10. Accept and adjust to life’s detours.
  11. Clap along if you feel and be happy.
  12. Find a partner you can go crazy with.
  13. Make a habit of whispering a prayer.
  14. Challenge yourself to sincerely forgive.
  15. Win. Lose. Try to win again, and again.
  16. Surprise yourself with what you can do.
  17. There is a miracle every day. Experience it.
  18. Watch a movie, read a novel, or play a game.
  19. Most of us have an eternal struggle—to lose weight.
  20. Sometimes the hardest part of the day is waking up.
  21. Don’t join the bandwagon just for the sake of joining.
  22. Always, always mean to say “I Love You’s” to those you love.
  23. Many gaps in life, yes? But let’s try to fill it with what we have.
  24. Happiness should not be all dependent to someone/something.
  25. Make sure to submit to your craving or it will haunt you forever.
  26. Schedule a regular meet-up with girl friends, it is a stress buster!
  27. It may not come often but give in to your own luxury without guilt.
  28. It’s better to say NO than force ourselves to do something we’d rather not.
  29. Many scenarios when things don’t work our way, but we must work it out!
  30. Most people love to talk more and listen way less (if not at all); listen more.
  31. There are times when it’s fun to drive, walk, eat alone—it clears up the mind.
  32. Not everyone likes coffee; respect their cup of tea, can of soda, or glass of wine.
  33. I seldom hear someone asks, “how are you?” and sincerely listens to the response.
  34. Negative companions would always cling to their negativity no matter what you do.
  35. Greet back or at least acknowledge a greeting even if you don’t know the greeters personally.
  36. Make mistakes and learn from it but some are just either quick learners or oddly slow to pick the cue.
  37. At times wondering if I am doing the right thing but then would I be happier doing something else?


All images courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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