Have You Done Your Shopping at the Good Shepherd Bazaar (aka Ruins)?

And just like that, here is the start of the BER months—commencing the Christmas season for most of us in the Philippines. You’ve probably read a holiday greeting FB posts, heard jingle bells being played while on the mall, or perhaps started buying (or at least canvassing) for Christmas presents.

If you feel like browsing what’s hot yet affordable on the market and you just live around BF Homes Parañaque then visiting Ruins is the closest venue to (window) shop.

The Good Shepherd Bazaar (while the locals still call it Ruins) is tag as the mini-Greenhills/Divisoria of BF residents selling almost everything you have in mind— uncaught pirated DVD-DVDs (more interesting to actually hear sellers either shout or almost-whisper their movie selections to passersby), all types of clothes, shoes for all ages, beauty stuffs, toys for big and small, mobile units and accessories, game consoles and related gadgets.

These products are mostly available at a low price and can even go further if you have a charmed talent in bargaining but limit the expectations for most of the items may not be original and/or just a good imitation (so better check and inquire which is which). There are certainly good deals and great finds to feed your curiosities but just make sure to stay on guard.

What to eat? Once done with shopping, munching on Pinoy street food should be part of the plan with isaw, kwek-kwek, sago’t gulaman, fruit shakes, shawarma, pizza, sisig.

When to visit? Some Tiangge stalls are open daily starting early afternoon until midnight but better come in the evening instead. The place is not air-conditioned so it can be totally hot and humid during day time. You should really go if you equate shopping to working-out and sweating.

Where is Good Shepherd? Ruins is right beside Tropical Hut, Pergola Mall, and Robinson’s Supermarket (before Aguirre’s main gate guarded entrance).

Just a sample few of what’s at Ruins

Just a sample few of what’s at Ruins


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