Treat of Ilocano Cuisine At BF

It has been months since our last Ilocos trip and there are still days that we have this strong craving for Ilocano food; bagnet and empanada top the list for the must-eat-now!

  • Bagnet – deep fried crispy pork belly that is similar to lechon kawali; boiled first then fried twice to make it super crispy.
  • Empanada – similar to a thin taco that is fried to crisp with filling as vegetables, longganisa, and egg. The outer crust is made of rice flour with atchuete (making that distinct orange color).

Sure we can’t travel to Ilocandia as much as we hope but glad we can pacify the tummy with the available Ilocano restaurant just a few blocks inside the village.

Balai Ilocos


Address: 188 D Aguirre Ave., BF Homes Parañaque

The space is small yet packed with Ilocano-themed memorabilia. And for a moment there, the food being served can transport you to Ilocos. Take your pick from rice meal, merienda, or family order. No empanada on the menu though.

Stoops Bagnet Ilocos



Address: Presidents Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque

Affordable, fast-food-type serving of Ilocano dish but not compromising the authentic taste. Bagnet is as you would like it with varying order options (rice meal, double, large, or party size) but I have not tasted the empanada (out-of-stock during my visit). To pacify the surge of cholesterol, go for vegetable sides as Pakbet or Dinengdeng.

Mama Remy’s Ilocano Empanada


Address: Along El Grande

Passing along El Grande and you might hardly notice a tiny stall of Mama Remy’s (so putting up here a photo of their outdoor lighted sign to help you find their corner easily). If you fancy eating that hot, delicious Vigan Empanada at the Plaza and for some reason is simply stuck in Parañaque, a munch here may not be the closest you can try but can stand as a workable alternative until the next trip.

UPDATE (as of Aug 2017) – 

Closed stores: Balai Ilocos and Stoops

Photo Source: Food images via Facebook page of the Restaurants.

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