Take Your Pick — The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2015

Creating a blog and maintaining it is a two different story. I’ve known quite a number of people who started their own blog but just dropped it after a while. Being consistent, enjoying the process of writing and sharing your advocacy, ideas, experiences, and expertise are all worth the effort.

Aside from having a space on the net for our thoughts, there is always a level of fulfillment seeing that there are people reading and are actually interested about the contents we are passionate about.

Blogging opens the door to many other opportunities—get an invite to exclusive events, meet new friends and connections, and grow the business. It demands a lot of time, yes. You don’t publish a post now and assume legions of followers tomorrow… it takes a while and requires consistency. Reach out and write with a purpose.


It is always exciting to discover a new blog knowing that we all have something special and unique theme to present. Organized by Janette Toral’s Digital Filipino is the  Emerging Influential Blogs 2015, this is the 8th year of the writing project that seeks in identifying new and emerging blogs who are making an impact to its readers in 2014 until now.

Here is my TOP 10 bet in random order:

  1. Manila Concert Junkies

There are just so many events happening in the Philippines and I just don’t have the time and money to witness it all! But I’m always excited to read back about the highlights of my favorite concerts. Manila Concert Junkies narrates the summary with all enthusiasm as if you did not miss a thing.

  1. Personal Finance Tips

Sometimes it is good to be reminded how to save and learn about the process of saving. Think Pesos provides knowledge about investing and personal finance to Filipino readers.

  1. Fascinating Flowers

I love flowers but I don’t really know their names by heart, I get to see them around but with no information as to what they are exactly. Fascinating Flowers can virtually tour you to a garden and explain relevant info but not sounding as if you are in a formal museum.

  1. Garbage Pollution and Green Environment

Pollution is a major problem in the country and we have to be constantly reminded to take an initiative and do something to solve or at least lessen the alarming issue. The blog is right on the spot in discussing and pushing awareness about garbage, pollution, green environment, life and anything in between.

  1. Best of Negros Island

I’ve been in Negros years ago for work and would love to go back again with my family so this site is an ideal go-to resource for travelers in the area. Best of Negros Island features the beauty and excellence of the newly created Negros Island Region (Region 18). The blog aims to show not just the beauty of its locations and heritage spots but also the world renowned produce thereof.

  1. My Happy Hub

My Happy Hub talks about career, food, brands, and everything else. The site is also an advocate of work- from-home set up so I can completely relate to it.

  1. Nice Things Philippines

Positivity and just having fun is Nice Things Philippines. There are times when reading is my ultimate stress buster and visiting sites with nice quality materials is the best source to achieve it.

  1. Doctor Eamer’s Blog

Not a doctor but an environmentalist. I Am Doctor Eamer writes about love and relationship mostly in Tagalog with humor and relatable contents.

  1. Baby, JetSet, Go

We are a family that travels together; we never leave anyone behind as we fondly tell our friends. So I really appreciate the articles on Baby, JetSet, Go. Although we are past the toddler stage, tips here for parents traveling with kids are still worth reading.

  1. Naga City Blog and Online Directory

Another place I like to visit again is Naga and the site offers a view of the locality. Nagayon’s main objective is to promote Naga, its brands and the people. Nagayon came from the words Naga, and gayon, a bicolano word which means beauty.

You too can cast your vote for the new emerging blogs of your choice, take part in the writing project until October 4, and get a delegate slot to the upcoming Digital Influencers Marketing Summit event On October 10, 2015. Learn how!


Thank you to the Sponsors of The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs Writing Project 2015, as follows:

3 thoughts on “Take Your Pick — The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2015

  1. […] “Not a doctor but an environmentalist. The blogger writes about love and relationship mostly in Tagalog with humor and relatable contents.” – Write Now Na […]

  2. Wow! Thanks for including my blog! 🙂

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