Zeal for Blogging and Blogapalooza 2015

Burn out at work? Tired of daily traffic struggle? Do you just like to zone out and perhaps disappear for a bit? Get rid of negativity and go to your happy place? Sometimes the best escape is simply doing something we are so passionate about.

What is that something you adore doing? Are you pursuing it?

Started the paragraph  with these questions because this was exactly how I went to blogging back in 2011: “And there are just a lot of things (and worries) in my head that I can spend the entire day just thinking, staring at the ceiling, but not doing anything!”

WriteNowNa was a 2011 New Year’s project aiming “to write about 300 words every day with the hope of making it fruitful…”

The page has been with me from there on. I used to write for the joy of writing until I realized that there are people consistently reading my contents. That signals the cue and since hope to help my readers, amuse them at some point, inspire them through my stories, and learn from them too.

I would not even imagine that my escape back then has opened a new door for me to reach out, meet new friends, explore opportunities, and gain wonderful memories during the process.

This is the same reason why I always encourage my friends to run to their passion when life hits them at a low. We have all encountered many roadblocks leading to downers but we are not meant to linger there.

What exactly is your passion? Whatever that is, you might not earn from it yet, it can even consume so much time but go ahead as you wish! Allow yourself to be surprised with what your passion can do for you.

The past weeks, I’ve been getting approvals by organizers to attend their special events for free or receiving invites to join writing groups—these are forms of surprises for me, honestly. I would not know these industry highlights or be allowed to take part if I’m not actively pursuing my passion in blogging.

More so, I got a confirmation email from Blogapalooza that WriteNowNa pass the screening stage and I get to join the gathering of 500 other Bloggers on October 25, 2015.


Blogapalooza is a community of Bloggers and Online Influencers wanting to feature and connect with interesting Businesses. It is composed of business presentations, entertainment, trade shows, and networking participated by pre-screened and by-invite-only attendees. Registration is still open. You can sign up too!


Say YES to your passion and watch life’s small surprises unfold in front of you!

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