What Our Family Took Home from the Japan Vacation?


What also gave a mark during the entire stay was how we got fond of the people and their overall attitude.

Our family celebrated the holidays in Japan mainly in Tokyo, Osaka and a one-day-side-trip in Kobe. It was a remarkable vacation with some note-worthy realizations, too. An inspiration to formally start the new work year as we all go back to our normal routines in the Philippines.

I won’t be writing about the vacation details—the quiet New Year’s Eve, the daily ramen meals, the takoyaki balls overdose, the freezing weather, the daily distant walks, the ramen-coffee-and-tea vendo machines.

Ramen Vendo

Ramen Vendo

The plain thrill of being at the Shibuya crossing, the 3-hour-standing-only bullet train trip, the climb to the Tokyo Tower,


Tokyo Tower

My son’s per city ferris wheel mandatory ride, the Disney Sea’s looonnngggg line!


Lining up for snacks at Disney Sea

The Japanese-speaking witch and wizards of Hogwarts.

Universal Studio's Hogwarts

Universal Studio’s Hogwarts Castle

Coming to Japan for the first time, I was in awe witnessing the usual Japanese daily behavior.

The discipline.


  • They automatically maintain a single line on the left-side of the escalator, allowing the right lane to be passable for those in a hurry. The Same pattern goes when walking on the street, they know where to side, they lessen the crowd chaos by sticking to where they should walk.
  • They have a proper queue on the train stations.
  • They stop at the pedestrian lane.

The initiative.

  • My son dropped his train ticket at the escalator and we could not find it as we reached the end of the ride, we were surprised that a Japanese woman actually went down to get it for us and handed it with all smile.
  • It was quite a struggle to speak with them in English but despite the communication barrier, they tried to understand what we were saying and was eager to unpuzzle our words. Hubby was looking for a Nike store and Google Maps could not reliably locate it for us so we asked for direction to a mall-attendant nearby. It took a while before he understood what we were looking for and when he did, he actually walked us to the spot.

The efficiency.

  • A twelve-to-fifteen-seater restaurant was just managed by one server and to our surprise, she did it all well from getting the orders, serving the food, addressing our request, doing the cashier, cleaning the table, and staying polite.

The enthusiasm.

  • Most of the waiters and customer service personnel threw warm smiles and delivered enthusiastic replies to our inquiries anytime we approached them. We seldom encounter a frowning reaction or an idle treatment.

We have other nice stories to recall but the idea of writing this just means one thing—small gesture of kindness and a practice of discipline mean so much; these values should be reflected when treating others. The positive effect could linger to someone for a long time, wherever they are.  So maybe, we can all take home and manifest such attitude too?

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