Tracking the South with the Chevy Trax

writenowna-reviews-chevy-traxOur family was given a chance to use Chevrolet Trax LT variant as our weekend car! My Husband, JK Austria, being a car-authority-enthusiast himself, was granted a 3-day test drive to review the vehicle.

We had short road trip (Paranaque-Lipa-Tanauan-Tagaytay-Nasugbu-Ternate-Paranaque) last Sunday to explore its capability. He made me drive it for a while so I can share my comments and also asked the feedback of our 6-year-old passenger son. So yes, this an honest family-type review (dad said-mom said-the little one said) and not much on the deep technical automotive jargons.



Hubby JK said:

I need to constantly remind myself that this is just a 1.4 engine, on steroids! Why? Because whenever I want to overtake, it will give you the power with just a dab press from your gas pedal. The engine is so responsive! And the automatic transmission will support you with the adrenaline you are looking for. I love the fact that it has an option for semi-manual (+/- setting) that feels it has an actual clutch pedal. When it comes to handling the curves and hills, the Trax hugs the road. You know the feeling of a long lost friend who sees you for the first time in 20 years that won’t let go when you hug each other? Yeah, that was what I felt during that drive. For ride comfort, you hardly feel the bumps in the “flawless” surface of our road condition. Inside the cockpit, you will love the minimalist design of the instrument panel, with all the important information in just one button. The pillars of the Trax are not that thick to lessen the blind spots while driving. I fancy the feature that the seats felt like it was molded to your body. For the fuel consumption, we traveled 250kms and just used half of the tank. So yes, I find it economical (our 1.6 sedan will only cover 221kms on a full tank but that is another story).

Wifey Verna said:

It is very responsive! I appreciate how it offers a good view of the road while having the  ideal height. Driving the Trax from Tagaytay to Nasubu, I felt the power of the engine. It feels light and safe. When in front as a passenger, the rear seats are comfortable and spacious! Good fit with the center arm rest with (coffee!) cup holders.

The 6-year-old son said:

It is comfy even when I have my booster seats on. Roomy too! I also like that I can put my drinks in the center of the seats (guess he is referring to the rear center arm rest with cup holders) and it’s not hard at all to close the door.

He added, “The ride is epic (we don’t know where he gets the word “epic”)! Can we keep it Daddy?”


Sunroof? AWD variant?

Highlighted Feature:

It has a 5-year warranty or 100,000kms with free 3 years roadside assistance. Safety is their primary concern that is why they have a bunch of safety features installed in the Chevrolet Trax that will make your Drive in the jungle safer than before. Yes, it is a game-changer “Pogi” Car!

Chevrolet Trax LS – Php998,888
Chevrolet Trax LT – Php1,218,888


Thank you Big Bert’s Sucat for the Supa Dupa car wash!

Original Photos taken by JK Austria


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