10 Realities of Freelancers

There are really so many perks of being a freelancer; as most practitioners proudly claim—own your time, be your own boss, freedom to be when and where you want to work.

True that doing freelance has a lot of advantages especially in managing time but it takes beyond time to keep up. Before taking the leap into freelancing (a lot are considering it now with the turn of the new year and the option to shift a career), I would always recommend friends and colleagues to study the pros and cons on top of their evaluation of their emotional and financial status. Our own attitude plays a huge part in the process; connection with people who can help is also very useful especially on the first year (my first consulting job was from my fulltime employer). Someone has to be there to support you, give you an opportunity to handle projects while you are still building a portfolio. It is a must to bank on discipline, patience, and perseverance; delivering quality work given the deadline.

Hubby is also a freelancer and we have made a random list which others can surely relate across industries. Get ready to live these realities once you jump into the freelance world:

Working on Vacation is the life of a homebased freelancer

Work while vacationing (taken a Veue Cabins)!

  1. Get accustomed to working even on vacations.
  2. Do a Monday night gimmick as you wish! 
  3. Learn to market yourself beyond the beauty of your CV.
  4. You will miss the excitement of going to ATMs on the 15th and 30th plus the thrill of holiday bonuses.
  5. Good thing, you won’t be affected by “petsa de peligro” (days closer to salary and pockets of employees are almost empty).
  6. Seeing all your billings become a nightmare when there is no work in the pipeline.
  7. There are months you will be overloaded to the point of refusing a job (so as not to compromise quality) while there are also off-peak days when you just stare at your computer screen and no work is popping.
  8. Some clients are way too unreasonable, admit it. Now, you have the option to refuse working with dementor-like-clients.
  9. At several scenarios, getting your cheque on time is but a dream and sweet promises of the accounting department is the last hope.
  10. You will get a full-time offer that is so tempting you will have second thoughts if you are doing the right thing.

Do an honest analysis of where you want to be in terms of your career and finances along with your personal goals; the realization will help you stay as freelance or go back to corporate world, your choice. Stick to where you are most happy and productive. 

As the year ends and new plans will prosper for us all in terms of personal and career growth, let me thank you for staying with me through 2017 and looking forward to more of our adventures together this 2018!

Merry Christmas!



Freelance, Are You? Join the Freelancer Fair 2016!

Working as a professional freelancer is very fulfilling. Managing your own time and having freedom with how your day will go is truly an advantage especially for people who do not like routine (Count me in!). Alongside such liberty is the challenge in terms of cash flow stability. So we don’t stop looking for customers to buy our products or clients to avail our services despite weekends, holidays, and vacations(!).

Part of the work scope is building connections and taking care of our brand. But to some, the job description of a “freelancer” remains a question. What are we, really?  Google search defines it as:

What is a Freelance?

On top of the many activities given our respective industries, it helps if we continue to harness our skills; stay focus on our job; excel on what we do and remain open to new learning.

There is a gathering this weekend for us, it is said to be the first in the country and the largest freelancing event so far. Take time to visit as this is a good venue to train and network.

Join the experts from different industries gather and share their knowledge to the Filipino Freelancers to help them become experts in their own right.

Freelancer Fair 2016

WHO should attend The Freelancer Fair by Manila Workshops?

  • Aspiring Freelancers and Experienced Freelancers
  • Brands who offer services to Freelance Professionals
  • Companies that are looking to hire freelancers for certain job functions

WHEN: November 19, 2016 (Saturday) at 9 AM (Registration will start at 8 AM)

WHERE: The Tent, Acacia Estates, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

You get to roam around the Expo area for an entrance fee of Php500. You will also be free to attend these talks, as follows:



09:00 AM:   Building Alliances: Freelancing in the Philippines with Evan Tan, Freelancing Advocate

09:30 AM:    Keynote Speaker: Government’s Role in Building Alliances with Freelancers with Monchito Ibrahim of DICT

10:00 AM:    7 Steps to a Successful Freelance Business with Marvin De Leon of Freelance Blend

11:00 AM:     How to Stand Out: Branding 101 with Fitz Villafuerte of 199jobs.com

12:00 NN:    LUNCH

01:00 PM:    Art of Pricing with Francis Guintu

01:30 PM:     How to Get International Clients with CJ Maturino of Online Filipino Freelancers

02:00 PM:   Business Registration with Dandy Victa of Manila Service Review


04:30 PM:    7 Tools that Multiply your Freelance Earnings with Genesis Reonico of OnlineJobsUniversity.com

05:30 PM:    Business Correspondences and Maintaining Key Relationships with panelists: Charlie Aquino of Sophie Creatives and Pau Lagura of RIS Philippines


To register and to join other related Freelancer training, visit the Freelancer Fair website today.

Grab every possible opportunity to learn more about your craft and reach your target market! Hope to catch up with you there.