Happy 2017!

Here comes the new year and most of us are feasting with food, fireworks, and fascinating resolutions. What do you aim to achieve this 2017? What do you wish to change or improve? How are you going to make it work? How will it be tagged at the end of another year, success or failure?

So many things we wanted to do yet so many uncertainties too. The first day of New Year seems to invite that moment of contemplation about life. That “what to do next” thought balloon as I stared the view of BGC from our 18th-floor hotel room (staying here so my son can avoid inhaling the smog of the evening’s traditional firecrackers’ funfair around the Metro).

New Year Contemplation while at Ascot BGC

Have I done the right thing or should it be another way? If the latter, then what’s the other way? To pursue what has been started and just enhance the process or completely begin anew? How do I see my life to happen? I really don’t know exactly but one thing I really hope to push is to maintain such optimism despite the looming negativity around. I aspire to learn more and be inspired by good people. If I am on the right track may perhaps be an eternal question but maybe that exactly makes life interesting…

2016 was not a year-round perfection but it was full of blessings that our family is always thankful about. Battles and challenges are surely part of the route and so are triumphs and wins with many in-between mundane days. We can always try to add spark even in our simplest way than troll nonsense negativity. Find our path while living the moment of the new year. Let’s make it the best!

May we all have a happy and productive 2017!


Happy New Year!

Merry CHRISTmas!

Happy New Year!

No, I will not list down any new year’s resolution or wish as the season seems to demand. I actually have not thought of anything; nothing particular in mind to write or say. Have you ever come to that point, too? Everybody doing something and you just like to be still, not joining the bandwagon?

Geesh, re-reading my first paragraph sounds like I am a bit bitter, does it? Wait,  I have no angst to new year’s resolutions. None at all; not even a bit. I just feel empty about it this time. Dash of trials and failures for me but I am all-thankful for the so many blessings Jesus has provided my family this year. I’m sure yours is blessed too!

Have a great 2013! That’s all I hope to extend to you.


Happy New Year from us 3!