Tagaytay Restaurants to Try (Part 2)

The trip going to Tagaytay is becoming more exciting with the promise of seeing breath-taking views and the anticipation of experiencing so many gastro-adventures up ahead. There are just a lot of fascinating restos to try! Last year, I have listed our family’s top choices and this time adding more on the line-up. We simply love the food and the ambiance as we repeatedly come over to taste the moment.

Balay Dako

WriteNowNa at Balay Dako

Filipino Restaurant

Location: Along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay (beside Max’s)

Balay Dako which also means “Big House” will make your tummy huge with all the delicious Pinoy food on their menu list. The feel is like going to a well-maintained old house from the province (beginning from the arc at the entrance to the large banquet area with a nice glimpse of Taal). Ideal meal to offer to balikbayan relatives and friends. It is managed by Antonio’s BUT totally different from the kind of service that you may have experienced say from Breakfast at Antonio’s.

Beware of the very poor service! Either you get a frown or you will be ignored by servers when you request anything. There are chances too that the food will come so late you have already paid the bill before it arrives. It is a consistent disappointment so lower your expectations, drop the idea of getting a  warm and friendly accommodation especially when the hall is crowded, you will definitely not get it but… just enjoy the food. We had no choice but to go back the last time  (even if we prefer otherwise) because our son is a fan of their lechon kawali and it was requested during his birthday, how can we say no!

Favorites: Kare-Kare, Lechon Kawali, Fresh Lumpia

Marcia Adams

WriteNowNa at Marcia Adams Tagaytay

Mediterranean Restaurant

Location: Border of Tagaytay and Alfonso; close to Residence Inn Zoo and only 150m from Aguinaldo Highway.

The serving size is humongous; that slab of porkchop was perhaps one of the largest portions we’ve  seen for its kind and the taste is superb, delicately cook to the inside. The place is neatly designed as if you are transported to Tuscany, Italy. Such an ideal venue for a quick escape from the Metro.

Favorites: Porkchop, Chicken Kebab, Aegean Salad, Fried Bananas with Chocolate Dip

Buon Giorno! Caffe & Bistro

WriteNowNa at Buon Giorno!

Italian Restaurant/Filipino Breakfast

Location: Twin Lakes, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway

Another resto to visit is Buon Giorno! at Twin Lakes (now one of the landmarks of Tagaytay). Yes, they also have a lovely branch at Cliffhouse (also along the same highway) but this new site is more spacious and more immersed in nature given their town and country theme. Quality of food remains outstanding and any pick from their array of pasta and pizza is surely mouth-watering.

Favorites: Veggie Pizza, Puttanesca

Whether you are dining out to escape the busy Manila traffic or wishing to relax with a lovely view, going up to Tagaytay and exploring different restos would always guarantee a terrific adventure. Enjoy every moment!


Go High with Tagaytay Restaurants

What do you look forward in going to Tagaytay? Lovely view? Cold weather? Religious stop-over? Outdoor activities? Gastro adventure?

So many things to do but one of the things we always anticipate with the trip is the dining experience. Just so many restaurants exclusively situated in the area that are worth visiting! What’s on your list of Tagaytay’s dining euphoria?

Sonya’s Garden


If you are off to a healthy meal, Sonya’s Garden is the ideal stop for you. The endless flow of salad, bread, pasta, desserts as turon and chocolate cake, and dalandan juice can fill your tummy but won’t make you feel heavy afterward. Sonya’s is also one of the top choices for wedding reception; the venue whether you are to attend a wedding or just to have lunch is truly romantic. Just within the vicinity, you can find the bakery and apothecary sections for bread and scent shopping, respectively.

Cuisine: Healthy Italian and Filipino Fusion

Address: Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite

Breakfast at Antonio’s


My son loves their corned beef way too much! That is his order when we dine in and he would still request for a take-out fresh pack. For us, their salad dressing (pineapple mustard yogurt) with breadsticks is a joy to munch; the tapsilog; the burger; and the endless strong coffee refill with fresh milk and muscovado on the side. The view of Taal from your resto-seat adds up the fun.

Cuisine: American (Traditional), Breakfast, Brunch and Filipino

Address: Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay, Cavite

Cafe Voi La


Another cozy venue to check is Cafe Voi La. The place is kaleidoscope bright, even the small detail as their water glass brings color to the place. Pomelo salad, ribs, and kare-kare are enticing meals as it sounds! Slice of cake is good for two and perfect with their cup of hot latte.

It is beside the newly-opened Coffee Bean yet Voi La should come as a natural choice when in Tagaytay.

Cuisine: Asian Fusion

Address: Crosswinds, Tagaytay City

Amoroma Ristorante Italiano


Amoroma (means “I love Rome”) serves real Italian thin-crust pizza that is delizioso! Take a slice of 5-formaggi, Bianca (with cream cheese based topped with sliced salami) and Pesto (with cream or tomato, parmesan cheese, home-made pesto). Pasta and soup are great too. There is just one disappointment, there are many times that the order won’t be available. Sad, usually our favorite would come out of stock. Hope they get to improve their inventory system.

) and Pesto (with cream or tomato, parmesan cheese, home-made pesto). Pasta and soup are great too. There is just one disappointment, there are many times that the order won’t be available. Sad, usually our favorite would come out of stock. Hope they get to improve their inventory system.

Cuisine: Italian

Address: Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Tolentino East, Tagaytay

Mer-ben Tapsilogan sa Tagaytay

They started with a Bulalo eatery that looks like a canteen with about 4 bahay kubo (nipa hut) cottages around the store. Now they have expanded with a real restaurant-size venue and additional nipa stalls over the extended lot. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews about Mer-Ben and it can only be a bit true to us because there are times when service is poor but still, the hot bulalo servings seal the search. Maybe it was just luck that the service we’ve experienced was not so terrible versus the online comments; we never eat here over a crowded weekend, never!

Cuisine: Filipino

Address: #52 Aguinaldo Highway, Crossing Mendez East, Tagaytay

Photo Source: Images via Facebook page of the Restaurants.

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