Taking a Break from Facebook

taking a break from facebookHave you experienced a newsfeed with mostly annoying posts? Have you learned to click “unfollow” and “hide”?  I used to enjoy looking at pictures of FB friends, reading their status, seeing they are having fun with their lives but come on! Taking photos of everything they eat—from breakfast to lunch, to snack, to dinner, to midnight snack and something in between? Doing so much selfie of not just one but six different shots of pouting lips posted in variations morning, noon, and night?!

Of course, we all like to share our stories, our thoughts and there is nothing wrong with that but there must be a limit, a boundary in terms of frequency and type. This post is not about ranting but just sharing a slice of annoyance with what has happened to this social platform earning a 1.35 billion monthly active users (source: http://www.statista.com/statistics/264810/number-of-monthly-active-facebook-users-worldwide). Not everything should be posted on Facebook, right?

What about the Outfit Of The Day or shall I use #ootd? Does it really matter what they wear every single day? Will it change the world if it is in fuchsia, magenta, or indigo? And cheers to those who are checking-in to all the places they go—restaurants, hotels, clubs, airports—do we care about that? Are they under surveillance requiring constant monitoring?

Brag. Brag. Brag.  New shoes, new bags, new pedicure, new planner, new pen, new whatever! How shallow can that be? And do they always have to highlight the brand?

While there also seems to have a great number of hate-status lately.  Fighting with someone else? Broadcasting a family feud? Lovers-quarrel gone digitally mad!

Unreasonable use of hashtags. Don’t hashtag a name unless you are Beyonce or you suddenly become the talk of the town. One way to make it work is by checking what is trending on Twitter and follow it. Hashtag may also be used if (1) sponsoring an event, (2) promoting a product, (3) building an online community or (4) creating a buzz so large number of audience can converse via social media.

Discovering the multiple personas. Why is it that some FB friends appear different from who they really are versus the image they are projecting online?

There was a time when Facebook was fun and the essence of keeping in touch was the core of creating an FB profile. I don’t generalize, several of my FB friends are worth viewing and reading but the population of the annoying batch is increasing. So allow me to take a break; just need to brush off the negativity when browsing the newsfeed.

I will still be around managing the Fan Pages of clients but I’ll be using a different account for the meantime.  I’m just a text, call, or email away.  ‘Til then!


One thought on “Taking a Break from Facebook

  1. Thank you 4 this. I found your post searching an image 2 announce yet another FB break, Announcing it to keep my resolve and avoid confusion like last break. You articulate what I feel deeply.
    Thank you

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